Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous Oxide?



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Help I broke my tooth a front one and I have to go to a formal event this weekend no dentist till monday!?
Someone will help you and get you 'all prettied up' for your formal this weekend... you just need to keep calling. Good luck, and have a great time! :)

Amalgam filling removal?
Are you nuts? Just keep the amalgam unless something's going wrong. Resin reeks on molars and falls out. Won't getting the amalgam out require enlarging the holes? Some mercury study is important but probably doesn't justify replacements.

California Delta Dental Insurance thru Costco?
Yes - the Costco/Delta Dental plan covers some adult orthodontia. If you go to, you will see that an enrollee copayment of $2,700 is required for services that typically cost in the range of $3,600 to $5,200. The covered services are described as "Comprehensive...

How can I make it into Dental School? I'm nervous?
if you score straight 20s or better you'll most likely get into somewhere, possibly not the first choice though. You have below average GPA for most schools, which means you will need above average DAT scores. the test is set up for 17 to be average of all test takers (note, not average of...

I need a dental referral?
if you lived closer to the OC/LA area, i would tell you to come to my office. my dentists are awesome at bondings.