Pa Access card for dentists?

Pa Access card for dentists?

Pa Access card for dentists?


I am in desperate situation i need a dentist that takes government access in williamsport, pa my room mate needs to see one a.s.a.p.



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Where can I take my 3yr old, no insurance, needs to see a dentist?
the health department sometimes has dental services or dental schools have programs. we pay $15 a month for a private dental insurance that's pretty good, you could look some up in your area.

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Dentist office 20019?
Try going to your health insurance's website. You'll find that information there. OR you can call the phone number on your insurance card.

It sounds like here is a good chance of your tooth needing root canal, but don't worry as usually it is not a big deal now a days with newer methods. The periodontist (kids dentists) often sedate their patients (or even put them asleep) to make it easier on you.

Anyone know a good, cheap dentist for kids braces in Youngstown, OH - Sharon, PA area?
You have severely underestimated the cost to the dentist. I am an orthodontist, and I certainly do not pocket 80-90% of my fee, as you have suggested (boy, that would be nice though.) The words GOOD and CHEAP can go together for clothing sales, not healthcare. You generally get what you pay...