Pediatric dentistry sedation?

Pediatric dentistry sedation?

Pediatric dentistry sedation?



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Catholic doctor, part two.?
No, it is outside of his expertise...a Catholic doctor would have ZERO experience in abortion...he may do more harm than good in even attempting to refer the patient somewhere. For example, would he be liable if he sent her to an abortion clinic that is notorious for botched abortions??? ...

Teeth whitening cost ? How much does teeth whitening cost?
I looked into how much teeth whitening cost back when I considered doing the same thing. What I found was it would cost me several hundred dollars, closer to $500 or more although it depends on the dentist and what method you're using. I ended up using this stuff instead:

Becoming an equine dentist?
In the U.S., to the best of my knowledge, you have to be an apprentice with a certified equine dentist in order to become a dentist. There is no formal school that I am aware of. My certified equine dentist was trained by a dentist in Europe and he has trained all of the dentists I know that...

I am to take Dentistry! Help.?
This is a tricky one. My choice of Chiropractic meant a big time and financial investment, and has meant a satisfying life, but not a lot in terms of money. I suspect the same in Dentistry. On the other hand, my path was with an alternative discipline, while dentistry is more "mainline,"...

Looking for a pediatric dentist in Phoenix for Special Needs Kids?
From my own experiences (epilepsy) look for a dentist who worked in a millitary dental hosptal. These are the dentists who have experience with people with disabilities--including how to counsel injured soliders on how to continue brushing their teeth after a combat injury/injuries. And they...