Pentagon to recruit aliens?

Pentagon to recruit aliens?

Pentagon to recruit aliens?


I posted a question regarding exactly same earlier this year and was overwhelmed with negative responses. I think it's a positive move, to recruit the "best and brightest" among those who wish to emigrate to US but are otherwise unable to. Will encourage a "brain drain" from elsewhere towards US.


i still question if 9-11 was truly an inside job we have no business being in Afghanistan nor Iraq there is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that 9-11 was an inside job. the planes took off from Boston for some crazy reason the day of the hi-jackings our country had less than 20 jet fighters to protect it Something is very wrong with that picture


Agreed that it's a win-win program, supply and demand, America gets top staff which it needs, the people get to stay there. And another benefit is that by creaming off the best, America can actually retain it's ranking in skilled people, increasing technological progress, and priming the pump for future recruitment.



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