Places to live in Florida?

Places to live in Florida?

Places to live in Florida?


You'll find lots of seniors and enough young people in most areas except the small towns. Think about your safety too. Gainesville is the home of UF, relatively safe and a town dominated by the University. Great bars, restaurants, shops and lots of energy. Day trips to Orlando and beaches are possible. Center of the state, hurricanes are usually just storms by the time they get there. That's was one of my favorite places to evacuate to when forced out of my home on the coast when a hurricane approached. Sarasota, voted best beach in the world (Siesta Key Beach) is the art and culture capital of Florida. It's an upscale medium size city that is safe. A higher average age but plenty of young people. Florida is a fun place if you have money to spend.


If you want a social life where you would meet other professionals, I suggest Tampa. With two universities including a medical school, the big cancer center, lots of hospitals, big law firms, the VA hospital which also hires dentists, and a lot more people to meet in general, you would prefer it. Rent a place in the Hyde Park area with other professionals and decide where you want to live permanently after you have been there for a while.


Places to live in Florida 1) Aventura 2) Boca Raton 3) Coral Gables 4) St. Petersburg, Florida 5) Hollywood 6) Lakeland 7) Dania Beach 8) Sunrise 9) Fort Lauderdale 10) Jacksonville For more detail:



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