PLEASE HELP! - i need a florence,latta,dillon SC dentist?

PLEASE HELP! - i need a florence,latta,dillon SC dentist?

PLEASE HELP! - i need a florence,latta,dillon SC dentist?


Hi im a dentist. Do you have an email address?


Maybe one or more in here you haven't called ~



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Can anyone in kansas city/shawnee kansas recomend me a good dentist that is not judgemental ad is supportive?
For financial solutions you could go to the dental school in Kansas City. Save about half. The instructors will work with you as well as the students. They certainly will not put you down or make you feel bad.

Wisdom teeth!?
Its normal. The material of the sutures absorbs oral fluids, food and bacteria which might result as that white film substance. See your oral surgeon or dentist if you see: -Bleeding that wont stop -Pus -Have pain -Reddening of the area (since its been over a week, the reddening from the surgery...

What kind of gum does the 5th dentist recommend, then?
They probably just failed to ask that one and just went with the info they I recommend gum with Xylitol as the first ingredient. Orbit has it 3rd, which isn't as helpful for cavity reduction. Ice Breakers has it first as well as gum sold on the internet.

What is the coolest playlist of songs you can think off?
Pat Boone - Enter Sandman (Metallica cover to scare everybody) Echo & the Bunnnymen - Lips Like Sugar (nice 80's alt pop) The Crusaders - Streetlife (some 70's soul to get the party going) Elton John - Tiny Dancer (great classic rock sing along) Rush - Subdivisions (c'mon, who hasn't felt that...

TO ANY DENTISTS AROUND! or someone that knows about dentistry?
Hello, I am a dental assistant and have been one for over 10 years and the best way to answer your questions is probably to sch. an appt. with your dentist, there are several options for you, one would involve crowns or "caps" which yes they do shape the tooth down to a peg and use a cement...