Police Officer to Dental Hygienist/Dentist?

Police Officer to Dental Hygienist/Dentist?

Police Officer to Dental Hygienist/Dentist?


Yes, I know when my hubby worked on "the force" we hardly had an average life, especially with my working hours/days with his working schedule, court, etc. I don't know how long it takes to become a hygentist but I know a dentist is a long haul. Call the university of dental school near you and see if they have any scholarships or WICHE grants for either profession. If it is a profession in need, many have financial help. Another suggestion, did you consider joining the school police force or your local university police force, with all your valuable experience. Or, going after a court baliff or marshall position? Good luck


Dont be fooled thinking dental hygiene school will be any easier. it is also a FULL TIME JOB. You cant really work and they recommend that you dont work while in hygiene school. Mostly women are DH too. So be prepared to be thought of as gay and the only man in the program. Being a DH has the stereotype that Nurses used to have...that it is a female job. Dental hygiene is hard to get into the program and it is only taught during the day. For the second semester you may have to find all your own patients (which I had to do which was hard because cleanings take 4+ hours, 2 visits.).


I say GO FOR IT!!! If your heart is set on it, then do what you need to do. As a dental hygienist, you can make your own schedule since you'll most likely be an independant contractor... one day a week, two days a week... work whatever hours you feel you need to work! Most community colleges offer Dental Hygiene, so look into them. You can probably start your pre-requisites part time, and then slam right into full time once those are completed. Good Luck to you! :)


I think it's a great idea! It's only a 2 year program usually, but they can be competitive to get into. The hours are much more stable, all the usual days off, the pay is about twice what my husband(also a cop) makes, and no one will shoot at you! :) If you really love dentistry, then look into grants and loans just for dental students. There are some. Good luck with your decision.



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