Poll: Does your dentist's office have themed rooms?

Poll: Does your dentist's office have themed rooms?

Poll: Does your dentist's office have themed rooms?


Nope. BQ: Nothing. He's a bore!


Nope. BQ: When he drills my teeth! What could be more fun then that?!


No, they are boring as well with white walls all around.


his whole office theme is Hawaii BQ: umm...he's a dude.



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If your dentist didn't notice any obvious signs of decay, its probably a temporary thing. Clean the area properly again and see if more flakes come out. Also do inform your dentist about the sensitivity.

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I am sorry but I am not a dentist but even if you got a reply with negatives and positives, will you still choose to be a dentist? My point is that all jobs have negatives and positives. Good luck.