POLL: Would you go to a dentist named Dr. Payne?

POLL: Would you go to a dentist named Dr. Payne?

POLL: Would you go to a dentist named Dr. Payne?


I already have... sometimes I think Im a gluten for pain tho.... Once I left the dentist I seen Dr. Feelgood and he made it all better.... V....V


Lol yeah, but I would ask for a lot of laughing gas


No biggie If his associate was named "Dr Yankem" maybe so.


Sure..my lawyer is Mr. Cheatum !


sure long as his name wasn't Dr. Kevorkian


Sure, name's don't describe ppl :]] :D. Buuttt.... if what he was CaLLeD was really what he is all Ab0uT... different storii.. :DD.


Would have to seriously think of that one lol.


as long as that wasn't a nickname(:


Probably, if he was recommended by a friend



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