Private Dentist vs Public Dentist - Different diagnosis?

Private Dentist vs Public Dentist - Different diagnosis?

Private Dentist vs Public Dentist - Different diagnosis?


be on the safe side !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hate to say this but the county dentists are there for a reason... why would a competent, successful dentist find his way to a low paying county job. Benefits? Hmmm, I don't think so. If two private sector dentists told you the same thing, I would trust them. But one way to find out is to make yet another appointment with a reputable (I would find a dentist that has been in practice for atleast 10 years in the same area), say NOTHING about your previous experiences. Just tell them you are interested in an exam and cleaning. If you get the same result, there you go. Periodontal issues are common and it is proven that aggressive periodontal scalings are the ONLY way to treat periodontal pocketing that are 5mm or more. Ask what your perio 'pocket' depths are. If you have pockets, even localized, 5mm or higher, you need deep scaling or you will likely loose teeth in the future. Good luck!


I somewhat agree with your county dentist. Private dentists aim for perfection, it's good for business. If you had a big cavity in an old tooth, private would want to put on a cap or crown, public would just yank it out. If you are having discomfort though, this indicates something is wrong.As you get older the teeth get harder due to absorption of minerals and less chance of cavities(a dentist told me this).However your old fillings can come loose and also teeth can crack. If your gums are ok and not bleeding there's little incentive to spend megabucks.



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