Question on Cosmetic Dentistry?

Question on Cosmetic Dentistry?

Question on Cosmetic Dentistry?


not much info as far as classes but it is growing by leaps and bounds. Funny, they are replacing the former real estate offices almost everywhere I looked in Orange County. Yes, it is here to stay.



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School paper on Oral Pathology. Only 2 pages of general info into the field itself. Help!?
Oral Pathology Home Page - 1k - Cached - More from this site Oral Pathology "Filmstrips" - 638 - Cached - More from this site Oral Pathology Homepage...A Reference Site for Oral Pathology Topics ... ... of dentistry and pathology which...

Whats Amanda Bynes parents names?
Lives in Ventura County, California, with her Dad, Rick, who is a dentist- her Mom, Lynn, who works in her father's dental office, and her sister Jillian (b. 1983). She also has a brother, Tommy (b. 1974), who is a chiropractor, as well as a niece named Jaylyn (b. March 4, 2004).

If you decide to remove dental fillings, what are they replaced with?
Usually a resin compound. Dental composites, also called white fillings, are a group of restorative materials used in dentistry. As with other composite materials, a dental composite typically consists of a resin-based matrix, such as a bisphenol A-glycidyl methacrylate (BISMA) resin like urethane...

Price of getting wisdom teeth pulled?
When you see the dentist to have an x-ray of the tooth taken, he will tell you the price. The best advice after the extraction, is to follow the directions you will be given. Good luck.

Is there a dentist in Deerfield Beach accepting Medicare and Medicaid/and will do a bridge?
If you're over 21 years old, medicaid/medicare does not provide dental care.