Quick question about invisalign, DR please?

Quick question about invisalign, DR please?

Quick question about invisalign, DR please?


Ceramic braces may be a wise option. They would be faster than invasilign, and able to be more accurate in the final positioning. If they are "not very bad" like you have stated, then it may only take 6-8 months of braces. Everyone is different, and a diagnosis can never be made over the Internet. Only after multiple radiographs, measurements, and careful evaluation can a "best option" be recommended. First course of action would be to select a Dentist you trust. Then begin diagnostic work up.


In comparison to metal braces, the ceramic braces provide more or less the same results and are less visible. Beyond this I would like to differ from Chensona above. You have to choose one type, fast-results-braces or not-noticeable-braces. Since you do not have heavily crooked teeth and your main consideration is esthetically straight teeth, I would vote Invisalign for you irrespectively that it may take more time to achieve result. It is for the reason that while Invisalign is doing it's job, no one will notice them on your teeth. If you are looking for something faster than this, your answer would be in porcelain veneers/crowns.



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