Refer a pediatric dentist?

Refer a pediatric dentist?

Refer a pediatric dentist?


hey. dont feel bad. most parents dont bring their kids in til they are 5 and have to for school seriously!!! i have seen so many rotten teeth its not funny!! WOW



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Should I cancel the appointment?
Didn't you say you were going to be on vacation that week? Your boss sounds like a bully. There is absolutely no way that he should expect you to show up for a stupid fish-fry when you are on vacation. If you were flying to Hawaii for hour vacation, would he expect you to return for the fish...

Q for Dentists please (leaning teeth)?
Dear Artislove, Hi again. Since I know you are planning to come to India I can tell you one thing, you can get good dentistry in India much cheaper than in USA or other countries. My dentist in Delhi does a lot of cosmetic dentistry for foreign people(like me). You can email me for his address...

Career salaries?
Go to and you can get all the info that you want about any occupation and salaries and locations.

I need a dentist that will take badger care in lacrosse,wisconsin?
good luck, most dentists do not accept state insurance. I recommend you start with the Forward Health website and search for providers. If you find one, chances are you are going to have to wait awhile for an appointment.

I am looking for a good dentist (general) in Mississauga/Brampton/Oakville/... area.?
Go see doctor Chagger, he is amazing. I'm petrified a dentist all my life until I met Dr. Chagger in Oakville. Tell him Sue or Andy sent you. He is awesome, he also has an assistant Sandra, I only deal with Dr.Chagger and Sandra, no one else. 905 257-2221, this is his new office, he also has...