Reviews for affordable dentures...?

Reviews for affordable dentures...?

Reviews for affordable dentures...?



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What is the #1 toothpaste and mouthwash recommended by dentist?
They're all the same. You want fluoride. Any toothpaste with the ADA seal has fluoride. That's all that matters. Despite the marketing, you'll clean your teeth perfectly well when you brush them with any toothpaste or with no toothpaste at all.

Does Cal State University Dominguez Hills have a good dentist program?
No Cal State schools have dental programs. The schools in California that have dental programs are: USC UCLA UCSF UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY and a new one that just opened in Pomona (not sure of the name but this year they had their first year of students). You must first...

Dental assistant vs dental hygienist, before becoming a dentist?
In most states, there's no real official training for dental assistants. A lot of times, a dentist just hires someone and trains them themselves- no licenses, no certification, except to do certain things like polishing teeth, but if all you're doing is handing the dentist instruments, you...

Army dentists?
An Army dentist can do anything a civilian dentist can do. The real question is if she is in a school, how much time does she have to go to the dentist. If she's Guard/Reserve she should get as much done as possible while she's on duty without costing her the training she's there for.

Shortest dental assisting programs in the bay area?
You can also arrange to work for a dentist and get trained on the job. You don't necessarily have to go to school to become a DA.