Salaries for healthcare providers in rural areas?

Salaries for healthcare providers in rural areas?

Salaries for healthcare providers in rural areas?



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Crown lengthening? (dentistry)?
Your question was alittle confusing so I hope I am giving you some helpful advice. Crown lengthening removes some of the gingiva or tissue at the gum line to give the dentist more tooth surface to put a crown or veneer on the tooth for support, better function or just for casmetic purposes...

Considering the costs of malpractice insurance, do dentists get paid more money than doctors?
Physicians have different costs of malpractice based on specialty, history, and even location, so there isn't a way to generalize this. Dentistry tends to have less risk, which tends to mean lower malpractice, but whether it's lower than a Dermatologist or Family Medicine doc, I don't know...

What are good schools for complete dentistry? (8 yr total)?
Marquette University in Milwaukee WI has a very good school of dentistry! Hope this helps!!

What are good colleges in Ca for future dentists?
any undergrad college will work as long as you earn a bachlors... then any dental school that accepts you. going to a 'prestigous' school will not help you getting into a dental school... a 4.0 from State U is the same as a 4.0 from any UC school..

Anyone who has porcelain crown for the top front center teeth?
okay, i have my 12 - yes 12 front teeth with the porcelin on porcelin corwns. i had the upper 6 and then the lower 4 and then two on either side of the center lower 4 done. they leave a stump (so to speak) and then fit the crown over the top. you can still get decay and such at the root...