Salary for a dentist?

Salary for a dentist?

Salary for a dentist?


I suppose it's *possible* to make in the millions, but you definitely would be in the minority of dentists. General dentists normally make a lot less than specialists, unless they do a lot of high priced work, such as cosmetic work, implants, etc, and they have to be in a very affluent area and have the clientele to support such a practice. I would say that general dentists definitely can make a $1-300k, specialists probably in the $200k and up range. Even with specialists it depends on how busy the practice is and what type of practice. If you want to make in the millions, go into something else. Investment banking or something!



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the snake is from the poisson the drugs used in dentistry are the same like in medicine is something about Hypocrat the ancient doctor..

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