Scary dentist visit?

Scary dentist visit?

Scary dentist visit?


Be with her more often. Give her more than a stuffed animal. Explain to her that it is important for her to do this.


Bribing works like Money, Her favorite things to do like bowling ect...


Why were you not in the room? You need to be in the room with your daughter at the doctors' office. Especially since she's only nine and she's autistic. Just try to talk her through it. I think that you have some great ideas. Just try to keep her mind off of it.


Spend the week with your daughter playing dentists with her stuffed animals. Go through the process of what is going to happen to her. See if you can find a book about the tooth fairy and make a big deal about this. Maybe take a walk to the dentists a couple of times in the next week to get her familiar with where she is going. If this is still a problem speak to your doctor and see if there is anything they can give her to keep her calm before you go. The dentist should not have spoken to your daughter about this without you being present, not just because of her being autistic but because she is a minor. I would put in a complaint about it. Good Luck



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