Schooling for dentistry.?

Schooling for dentistry.?

Schooling for dentistry.?



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Dental help in columbus ohio?
I think you are asking to find a dentist. If that's correct, here is a website which rates dentists - The dentist I use is Dr. Lapierre - I personally think he is great. 40 N High St Dublin, OH 43017 Ph: (614) 889-1133

How long does it take to be a dentist in USA? How about in Australia? And what educations are required?
In the USA, you go to a 4 year college, and major in whatever you want for your undergrad, but there are some classes that you may have to take . Then if you have good enough grades apply for dentistry school at a graduate school (the 2 in my area are University of Michigan and University...

Should a dentist treat a 2 year old child like this?
Well first of all, I barely could finish reading this I was in such shock from the way they treated your daughter I wouldnt take her back to this dentist EVER!!! You arent over-reacting. You should find a dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry and go for a meet and greet before an actual...

Is it a horrible idea to rent an apartment that's nearly half my income?
I've lived a long time, and know a lot about personal finances. You would be foolish to attempt $750 on your own. Can you at least try for a room mate to share cost? Rule of thumb for your housing should be no more than 25% or $450. But... I understand the allure of being on your own, and...

I am thinking of creating a web directory...?
Are you interested in helping the public with your directory? a directory is only as good as the listings. for example, if i am looking for children dentists in Los angeles, Calif- does it help me that you have only listings in San Francisco, Calif?