Schooling for Politician?

Schooling for Politician?

Schooling for Politician?


the gop is lobbying hard to cut soc sec and medicare


Probably a law degree at an Ivy League university and some business experience in the private sector.



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When moving to a new city, what's the best way to find a good doctor and dentist?
Yes, you are walking in with your eyes closed. Perhaps you might want to talk to others in your community - campus, etc. My experience has been to take a random name and if I was uncomfortable, I would simply switch to another. For me unless a doctor is either uninformed or has a jerky personality...

Is dentistry a rewarding and interesting profession?
My father in law is a dentist and our close family friend's - the wife is a dental hygienist. Dentists have one of the Highest suicide rates of any profession. My father in law always has said do anything But dental school. It is not very rewarding and it entails doing the same tasks day in...

Help with songs for University Glee Club?
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What horror stories do you have about the profit above all else U.S. health care system?
ya we need healthcare to be a non-profit industry you know just like being a president or judge do it for the people not the money. if you want to make money go be an accountant or a lawyer not a doctor.

Is it normal for the cotton the dentist place in your tooth hole to fall out?
I had 4 teeth pulled out in the course of 2 weeks. It was definitely not fun. T__T I had both appointments in the morning. I didn't eat until the evening, so I had those cotton stuff (gauzes) in place for more than the recommended minutes. xD When I had to brush my teeth, I just brushed very...