Seeking advice/personal experience from anyone who has had all of your teeth pulled w/o being put to sleep!?

Seeking advice/personal experience from anyone who has had all of your teeth pulled w/o being put to sleep!?

Seeking advice/personal experience from anyone who has had all of your teeth pulled w/o being put to sleep!?


Well, I have gotten 4 permanant teeth pulled with only shots when I was 12. I didn't think it was that bad but how many teeth are you getting out? The shots SORT of hurt though. And I had already had 6 baby teeth pulled out prior to this so I already had experience...


i hope they at least have the shots that num you too. I had really bad teeth all thru school and I had a lot pulled out along the way. When I turned 18 I only had 15 teeth left and they were pretty bad looking, so I decided to just have them all pulled out. There was no way I could ever afford to fix them and I was tired of toothaches and teeth breaking off. I didn't have gas but I did have the shots that make your mouth num so you won't feel pain. I felt some pressure sometimes but no pain really. I was awake the whole time. It's not something I would want to have to do very often, but it wasn't really that bad either. I haven't had any teeth or dentures for 3 years now, but it's the longest I ever went with no teeth problems. Toothless isn't nearly as bad as some make it sound. How many teeth are you having pulled out? Maybe if it's a lot they can do half 1 time and the other half another day. It's worth asking about with whoever is gonna actually do the work.


I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed with only freezing. The oral surgeon was afraid to put me to sleep, because of the medication I was using.


I had to get all four out without being put to sleep. It took many shots of lidocaine before I was numb enough. Those were very painful as they were injected into my palate. Also being conscious of having all of those hands in my mouth was unnerving. They usually have to rock the tooth back and forth alot before getting it to come out. But in the end it was a total relief to have them out!



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