Should I become an accountant or dentist?

Should I become an accountant or dentist?

Should I become an accountant or dentist?



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Is there anywhere online I can chat to a dentist?
You can get free dental advice from online dentists using the This is Dentistry site's "Ask a Dentist" feature. Your most immediate concerns will be answered, until the time when you can actually go to a dentist to get your concern checked.

Dentists in Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida that take medicaid?
You can try your state Medicaid office but you probably wont find out. You have to pay for your dental care out of whatever income you have. You can make payment arrangements with a dentist, you can go to a dental school for a student at lower cost, you can find a county health clinic which...

How much does a dentist make?
Their pay depends on their location, their experience, and whether or not they are self-employed (working in their own practice). They get about $198,000 per year but dentists who specialize earn more than that. Self-employed dentists in specialist practice make about $300,000 a year. They...

I need a cheap dentist in denver colorado?
I've heard that Comfort Dental is pretty easy on the wallet. They have a lot of locations all over the metro area - check them out!

Dentist help!!!!!!!!?
I have the exact same problem, extreme phobia of dentists, they wanted to give me nitrous oxcide just to exam my teeth, not even doing any procedures. You can look into sedation dentistry it is fairly common now, only thing it is pricey. So I would try applying to Carecredit before even going...