Should i go get a dentist first?

Should i go get a dentist first?

Should i go get a dentist first?


You should go to the orthodontist they will fix whatever needs to be fixed, like pull teeth and put the braces on. You made the right choice making the appointment with the orthodontist. Good luck, braces aren't a walk in the park



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Dentists out there! would it be possible to have a brace fitted in your 50's?
You can have braces if you want to fund them but it may not be the best choice for your problems. It does sound as your perception of the gaps and the dentists are two different things. So go back and make a discussion appointment to look at your options. But you should perhaps look at veneers...

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laser dentistry is an option for some. depending on how deep your cavity is, you may need to be numbed up still. if this is an interest to you, call around to different dentists to see who does laser dentistry. just a warning, you may be paying more out of pocket to have it done with a laser...

Has anyone been to affordable dentures, i am wondering about the prices are there any hidden fees?
Each AD location is independently owned and operated, but the product line is basically the same. I got my second set at AD in Winchester VA and was very pleased with the outcome...not to mention the better price. They do dentures, where a dentist may have one denture case a year, if that...

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College: 4 years undergrad, 4 years dental school. Before you get into dental school, you will take the DAT. To be board certified, you will take the board exams. The state will likely require a licensing test. I don't know what you consider "young" and I don't know what you consider "old"...