Should i go get a dentist first?

Should i go get a dentist first?

Should i go get a dentist first?


You should go to the orthodontist they will fix whatever needs to be fixed, like pull teeth and put the braces on. You made the right choice making the appointment with the orthodontist. Good luck, braces aren't a walk in the park



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Mercury teeth fillings in healthy people?
Silver amalgam fillings are half mercury, so yes they are bad. The exposure is from breathing the mercury which becomes vapor at body temperature. The mercury deposits throughout the body. But I would not rush out to get your fillings replaced unless you can afford to do so. If you do start...

I wang to be a dentist and need help about what subjects do i need for a dentist?
In college you need to take a year of calculus, year of biology, year of inorganic chemistry, year of organic chemistry, and a year of physics. There is a standardized Dental Admissions Test that is given, as well. Good luck!

What time is best to avoid long line at CA DMV?
Its like any DMV and you need to be in line at least 30 minutes before they open and without an appointment you will need to wait longer.

50mg demerol vs 7.5 Percocet?
Both are strong pain meds. I think you should talk to your dentist before changing meds. You may be able to take Ibuprofen with the demerol, But I'd check with the pharmacist or dentist to see if there is a chance of drug reactions. I don't think there is but it's better to check. Did you get...

Do many dentists do pulp capping?
A pulp capping is not done with a bonded composite material, it is a medicated base that is put in the tooth prior to having a permanent restoration. Generally it is done when the decay is found to be close to the nerve and the diagnosis of the tooth is yet uncertain. A pulp cap is done and...