Should I leave my dentist for pushing fluoride on me?

Should I leave my dentist for pushing fluoride on me?

Should I leave my dentist for pushing fluoride on me?


Everyone around you wants you to have fluoride. Why would you question this? You should always do what everyone around you wants you to do. Duh.


There have been half a dozen studies showing the opposite.


if you are worried about it. then you should change dentist straight away. im no expert but dont think my dentist uses fluoride. and oh i want to become a dentist. my patients always will come first so i think u should tell your dentist to not use it and he will has to listen. if not find another dentist


Applying fluoride to teeth is different than consuming it. Don't consume fluoride.


The study is talking about putting fluoride in the water supply of cities. That leads to the consumption of fluoride. A dentist using fluoride puts it on your teeth and you spit it out - you don't consume it. Maybe your dentist is "pushing" it on you because they also see that you don't understand this point, and they're trying to explain it but you reject the idea to strongly to listen... Fluoride is safe and necessary. I assure you. Three of my friends go to Harvard - I asked them, they said it was fine (this is not relevant at all, but if you're stuck on the Harvard name, there it is). I go to UPenn and I asked a friend who's in medical school, and he asked a friend of his in the dental school (I had this question about a year ago) and they both said it was fine (THIS is very relevant).



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