Should I report my dentist?

Should I report my dentist?

Should I report my dentist?



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Are there any income based dental clinics?
You might also check around Wichita and see if there are any Dental colleges there. These offer really cheap exams and treatments.

Did anyone hear about plastic surgeon DR Jacobs from NYC?
I've heard that name before - I think I've read it in message boards and the like. Unfortunately, I don't know any details offhand, though. You might want to check a couple sites: - They have a listing of plastic surgeons around the country (including NYC...

Where can you complain about a dentist?
i think you complain to the place where they get their dentistry license, i know how you feel... my sisters wisdom teeth are coming in and they got infected, so he gave her an anti-biotic and didn't care to explain the side-effects. so my sister had really bad stomach pain, she threw up, and...

Could someone sum up what Robert Hooke has to do with cells and the microscope in one sentence?
Hooke designed the first successful COMPOUND microscope (meaning that the light had to pass through a series of lenses), he used it to examine thin slices of cork and thus was the first person to observe cells. If I had another sentence I would tell you that he formulated Hooke's Law of Elasticity...

What is the differences between Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist?
A dental assistant would help the doctor by getting his instruments and charts ready. In some states the assistant could also take x-rays. The assistant could also take dental impression. The assistant works side by side with the doctor in fillings, extractions and other oral works handing...