Some interesting jokes and riddles?

Some interesting jokes and riddles?

Some interesting jokes and riddles?


Here r a list of my joke *when an ant sees a strawberry juice it says "OMG! this is the first time that I see the Red Sea" xD *A man walks into a pharmacy & says to the doctor (the seller) "Doc, I want some medicine for my wife & my cow...The doctor gives medicine for his wife & his cow. then the man (the buyer) says "Ow, plz doctor make sure u're giving the right medicine for my COW!!" HiHi!! *what the blue dot on a wall?? -It's an ant wearing blues!! xD *Two dogs were smoking weed =D then the first dog said "woof" & the second one said "woof, woof" then the first doggie said, "Dude lets change the subject!!" BTW, nice jokes mate!!


There was a man standing nervously in front of a pharmacy. The attendent explained that the man was complaining of continuous cough and he gave him double the dose of laxative! When asked why he said," NOW he is afraid of coughing"


nice ones...


ha ha really funny


Nice one :) :)


In my opinion, none of these were funny at all.


like them all


Very nice



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