Some simple goals as a teenager.ideas?

Some simple goals as a teenager.ideas?

Some simple goals as a teenager.ideas?


1. - which one? 2. - learn spanish 3. - which book? 4. - dont a gull might eat it 5. - be circumspect about dentists or are they for your pants 6.- include chocolate 7.-aboud what! 8.-twinkle toes 9.-tai chi 10.-yeh 11.-you wont have time 12.-plant trees


heres mine: *poo in a kettle and not tell anyone *masturbate outdoors *go to ikea, hide in a wardrobe dressed as a lion.


those can be done. add traveling to the list and another sport


Your goals are great. Just don't set to many goals at one time. Set your goals according to your present priorities and work upward. <}:-})



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