Spanish Translation ?

Spanish Translation ?

Spanish Translation ?


why should we do your spanish homework.



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Can I use Low vision eyeglasses instead of magnifying lenses (electronic repair , watches prepare etc )?
A high add bifocal makes smaller things visible by decreasing the working distance. A loupe that is mounted away from the face can make things larger while maintaining an more normal working distance.

Can someone clarify something for me about the Judaism practised in mea shearim and Orthodox Judaism?
The vast majority of Orthodox Jewish families have one or two working members of the couple. If you think that this is not the case, visit Flatbush or Boro Park in Brooklyn, NY, Lawrrence, NY, Monsey, NY, or Teaneck, NJ and take a look at the houses and stores there. Or go check out the...

I would like braces, dentist disagrees?
It depends what orthadontist you go to. Some orthadontists will only give braces in extreme cases, others are more lenient. My teeth were pretty good - I had 3 that were slightly crooked though - but I got braces because I had a pretty bad overbite. If you really want them I would advise you...

Any good critical thinkers here?
Atheists consider themselves "critical thinkers"... But they're not smart enough to refute that. Lets make a bet. If all you get is insults and stupid jokes from the atheists, then atheists are stupid and I get BA. If not, then you get your answer, i Get humiliated. Deal?

Looking for a really cheap dentist in Austin Texas? Need minor work and deep cleaning but at a fair price?
drive into Mexico a little ways and find a Mexican country dentist and u can get it done for practically nothing as i have done on numerous occaisions