Suggest me a best dentist in Houston tx ?

Suggest me a best dentist in Houston tx ?

Suggest me a best dentist in Houston tx ?



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What courses do i need to take to become a dentist?
Possibly, I mean to become a dentist you need to go to medical school. And to get into medical school you need to take a boat-load of science classes. Chemistry, Biology, etc which your tech school might or might not offer.

How much would a dentist charge to glue a tiny wire in back of my teeth?
t really depends where you go to dentist. My dentist, , Green Dental & Orthodontics located in sherman oaks ca, charged me nothing for that.

Active duty military - cosmetic dentistry?
non medically required work.. such as braces, can only be done when in a non deployable billet. this usually means while in long schools, such as DLI, or in a job that is non deployable, like instructor. That being said, non medically required procedures would be out of pocket. your friends...

I want to be a dentist....?
Contact BYU Idaho's science department. They will have someone there to direct you towards what classes are necessary for you to take to be accepted into whatever dental school you may choose.

Help! Horrible toothaches! Please be serious!?
If you are that poor and without insurance, don't you qualify for Medicaid? If you are in severe pain find a dental school and call- they will help you. No dental school near you? Call the local dental society, call 411 for the #. Ask the dental society where you can receive indigent care...