Switching dentists?

Switching dentists?

Switching dentists?


I'm not really sure what you question is in regards to the crowns (use spell check and maybe restructure sentence) you can either choose porcelain fused to metal or gold crowns as a choice of material, adjustments to those crowns are necessary and normal. BUT.......do not go to a dentist who allows discount programs.......you get what you pay for in this part of consumerism......i remember seeing many crown's/amalgam fillings done, with decay still under them from bad dentist who give discounts. Good personalities do not mean a well trained and talented dentist that can accomplish good work. Remember, you pay for time, skill and judgment.......and also, why is it that a person doesn't have a problem using two weeks salary to make a luxury purchase such as a television, but has a problem with spending that kind of money on their bodies.??? Oh, I have worked as an RDA/CDA for 14 years. DEEDEE, WHAT OTHER TYPE ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? I can't help with suggestions unless I understand what you are asking. Porcelain and ceramic........same thing DeeDee...okay, I get it (duh) personally, we do not recommend Cerec's here in our office, YET...to new to dentistry and the downside: first you need someone VERY skilled (not some new guy practicing with it) its very hard to get natural varient shading with this block of material...so they do not look so natural.......AND generally they are never used on anterior (front) teeth. Also, lack of metal for strength on posteriors (molars) is questionable. The only plus is one visit, no impressions............personally, I would go with the porce to metal for now. Did this help?? Also, I wonder...this must be much more expensive to cover the doctors equipment for this type of crown prep........you could try insisting to doctor NO MORE CEREC crowns, if he doesn't do as you wish, then go to friends......anyone for suggestions on a reputable doctor. If this guy doesnt listen, then its a shame if he loses you as patient


Your question seems to be whether accepting a discount plan is an indication of quality of care. Although I do NOT accept any of these discount plans, if I was treating some patients with the plan and some without the plan, I would personally try NOT TO KNOW who had it and who didn't. I couldn't stand the thought of trying to discount my quality to match the discounted fee they are paying. I hope any dentist would feel this way.


when it comes to choosing your dentist you will have to decide for yourself.



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