Teeth straightening?

Teeth straightening?

Teeth straightening?


ive never actually heard ofa plate before, so i cant help you out much with that one... braces will definetly do the trick. if you have any issues with your teeth or jaw, braces will fix them peroid. braces may be better than this plate thing because if you do have an issue with your bite, braces will definetly be able to fix them. the results from braces are really amazing, and with proper use of a retainer they also last!! the only other thing i can think of is just using a retainer with no braces...i had a retainer to correct an overbite and although it did an okay job of that (i ended up getting braces afterwards) it actually did help to straighten out some of my teeth that werent really crooked! so if you have very minor issues retainers may work well for you, but youll have to ask your ortho/detist about them! oh, and theres also invisalign...like braces but they are clear plastics trays that are perfectly molded to your teeth that straighten them. and they really are close to invisible! im pretty sure they cost a little more than regular braces and i know they cant fix any jaw problems. anyways, good luck!


Sorry I don't have the answer to this question. But I can tell you that if you have a tiny miss-alignment just on your bottom teeth that nobody but your dentist or you is going to notice. I wouldn't waste my money on braces to fix something so small. Now if you have more crooked teeth I would try to look into braces. I'm not sure what you mean by plate, but if you are talking about that wire that goes over your teeth you mean a retainer and that's for after braces.



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