Teeth Whitening ?

Teeth Whitening ?

Teeth Whitening ?





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How old do you have to be to get a lip piercing?
I wouldn't get your lip pierces if i were you. my mums a dentist and she can tell you horror stories about lip piercings

Do you think a dentist is a good job?
The average annual salary for a dentist in Texas is $117,000-180,000, but it varies by state. See for yourself at www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Dentist... With that said, it takes a very long time (about 8 years full time) to be a dentist. The problem with this, is you have to be very good...

Why did my dentist only give me grape flavoured toothpaste as an option for my cleaning?
lol She's a racist ***** that needs to be taught a lesson! You should go to her home and replace her toothpaste with mayonnaise! that'll show her

How much does dentist bridge work cost?
It will depend on why the tooth is causing the problems and the chances of them being resolved so that the tooth can continue to hold the bridge in place. If the tooth cannot be saved then removing the bridge will leave one tooth that will probably need to be crowned as it will have had its...

Which is the best branch to do specialization in afer bachelor in dental surgery?
If you don't mind me telling you, you should also consider what area you like best working rather than from just a financial point of view. As you should enjoy your work. You may like to deal with kids, geriatric patients, non blood situation, surgical or non surfical ? Make a list of both...