Teeth whitening costs?

Teeth whitening costs?

Teeth whitening costs?


Home teeth whitening kits cost in general around ?30 - ?60 anything less and i would be concerned about the quality of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. 14 is very young to whiten your teeth as they have not fully developed yet, so i would wait until you are 18. However a good polishing and brushing routine, as well as flossing will help keep tooth stains under control. Crest 3D Vivid White Advanced Vivid toothpaste is pretty good



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How much does it cost to go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned in the USA?
Depending on what state you live in for New Patient Intermediate Visit costs around $118 or for a Periodic Oral Exam could cost $70. X-Rays can cost around $162. and Regular Teeth Cleaning can cost around $117. If you don't have dental or medical insurance, I know of a consumer driven company...

Why dont dentist take public aid?
No..they cannot say anything indecent like that.....they do accept public aid / medicaid at community health care centers....

Is there any Dentists, besides the school, in Las Vegas nv that help low income adults with Medicaid get fillings?
Sounds awful. I dont know if Nevada has any Medicaid dentists for adults. Did you look for a county clinic with dental services? You can ask any dentist to accept monthly payment plan.

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Sensitive gag reflex at the dentist's?
I actually DO gag at the dentist...and a lot. It was so bad that I couldn't even get x-rays done. What my dentist did was numb my mouth up with a topical gel that tasted like cherry. She let me put it in my mouth myself, and told me to swab it as far back as I could (which caused me to gag...