Toddler + Dentist = BAD!!!?

Toddler + Dentist = BAD!!!?

Toddler + Dentist = BAD!!!?


For one thing I'm pretty sure the dentist was not allowed to do that. Especially without your permission. If i were you I would ask someone what you should do, legal advice might help. It may take a wile for your son to get used to the dentist.


Wow, I'm sorry your son had such a bad experience, but I'm surprised you left him alone. I still stay with my son who is 7 at ALL of his doctors appts. Also, I've always been told that kids should be 3 or 4 for their first dentist appt (unless their is a special reason to go sooner). This of course is no excuse for what that dentist did. I would report him!


Oh lord, I'm picturing the dentist in Little Shop of Horrors! First of all, never leave your son alone with anyone. Not the doctor or the dentist... etc... that was really inappropriate for him to request that. Second, find a good pedatric dentist for next time. They understand how to talk to kids. Example: Ohh, I think that I can see a little bunny hopping in your mouth, can you open wider so I can see him? It sounds funny, but it works! A good dentist who works with kids knows the tricks. Strapping him down was bizarro! Third, maybe try to contact the American Dental Association. This guy sounds either really weird or waaaayyy too old school. Your son will be ok, a good dentist will change his mind! When he leaves the new dentist loaded up with stickers and Winnie the Pooh toothbrushes, he'll forget about ol' doctor crazy!


My son is not old enough to go to the dentist yet but I remember going as a child and my parents always stayed in the room with me. Probably did so until I was about 7 or 8. I don't think it should be the dentists call whether or not you should be in the should be yours. What nerve that dentist had. Besides, I am sure your pediatrician doesn't suggest you leave the room so that your son will get used to going to the doctor by himself. He will get to a certain age when he prefers that you aren't with him but until then just stay with him and hold his hand.


omg poor vic, he's young so i dont think he will remember it when he gets older.


Oh HELL NO. I would have done the same thing. Except I might have punched him before taking leaving the office. Unfortunately he will probably remember this for some time. But it will just take time for him to get over it. Like one poster said buy a kit or something but the fear of him getting strapped might stay with him for a LONG time and it will be very hard to get over. Remember NEVER TRUST A DR WHO TELLS YOU TO LEAVE YOUR CHILD. They are either doing something terribly illegal or something traumatic. I would SUE the hell out of him if your son is traumatized on going to the dentist again. I hope it blows over quickly for you and your son


I too would be outraged - Never leave you child in the doctors office. I completely understand why you would think your child is safe but sometimes even doctors have no idea how to handle a child. Find a pediatric dentist, my son had a horrid experience around age 9 with a nasty, mean, hateful dentist and we had to make 3 trips to the pediatric dentist before he could do anything for my son - we had to rebuild the trust. Unfortunately the pediatric dentist are used to this and can really help you child get over his fear.


Having just went thru the first dental visit with twins, and one then having had a cavity! Our family dentist, who did not use the board on either for their exam, sent us on to a pediatric dentist for the cavity. I was told that a strap down board may have to be used on the child that was having the cavity work done at that second dentist. Fortunately they did not have to. That strap down board should not be used for a routine exam, especially your child's first, it is for actual dental procedures. You should find a pediatric dentist. We still use our family dentist, but both are supposed to know tricks to be the least scary as possible. Sorry about your experience.


OMG!!! First thing, SUE THE DENTIST!!! Then find a pediatric dentist that comes highly recommended by other parents, but don't go too soon. Let your child take some time to (emotionally) heal.



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