Tooth help im scared ! :(?

Tooth help im scared ! :(?

Tooth help im scared ! :(?


I called the dentist emerg. # yesterday and they told me start taking Amoxicillin. I did that and then called this morning and they want to pull the tooth next Tuesday. I need help getting over my fear!! I already have anxiety and panic attacks and I've heard that the novocaine can cause your heart to race and you feel sweaty and stuff. That scares the crap outta me!! Is there anything else they can use to numb it that won't do that? I hope someone has some ideas. Thanks!!


Well it seems that you should go to your specialist dental office and schedule an appointment as soon as possible if you can. If you can't feel your tooth that's a sign that your tooth nerves are dying and you should probably get a root canal. You can still save your tooth with that root canal but you need that appointment and yes you can get an implant in a day



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