Tooth infection need extractions & dentures-no insurance, bad credit-Houston TX. Any suggestions?

Tooth infection need extractions & dentures-no insurance, bad credit-Houston TX. Any suggestions?

Tooth infection need extractions & dentures-no insurance, bad credit-Houston TX. Any suggestions?


Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that, I was in your shoes once when I was pregnant. Hope this helps you: ~Dental, Vision, Rx, and Chiropractic plan ~$11.95/month individual or $19.95/month entire household ~All specialists included, even cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, dentures, etc. ~No waiting periods! You can go to the dentist the same day! ~No claim forms or deductibles ~No age limits ~All on-going conditions accepted ~The largest and highest quality network of providers, which means only the best dentists for you! ~No limits on visits or services. Use your plan whenever you want/need. ~100% satisfaction guaranteed ~Rates guaranteed for 2 years ~Health/Medical plan available also! For more information: visit: BUT IF YOU'RE IN A HURRY, CALL: 541-258-7148 or... email or IM:


Try the county social services dept, tell them without the dental work you will be unable to continue working and that you are able to pay it back in time but need the work done now. Ask if they have special programs that have to be asked for unusual circumstances or conditions. If they deny you benefits, call the free legal services agency for assistance to get the benefits you are entitled to if they have them. After trying DSS, try local charities, for a temp loan by explaining the situation. Hope this helps.


I did not think any Dr. could deny you medical assistance because of no insurance - try applying for an account w/ Wells Fargo - that is how my husband got his teeth done $3,000 - we make mo pmts


They may have free dental clinic in the Houston area.Check your local phone book..or call a nearby charity they should know.Good luck.


OMG! That is awful! Did he give you any antibiotics for the infection? Go directly to your health and human services office and get some medical insurance (Medicaid).



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