Tooth problems? what can be done in modern dentistry?

Tooth problems? what can be done in modern dentistry?

Tooth problems? what can be done in modern dentistry?


Implant dentistry can recreate a tooth.


yes they will attatch a fake tooth to the gum and you will not be able to feel any thing on or around the tooth-this happened when my friend smashed her tooth while snomobiling


I know of someone who had something similar, she chipped her tooth off, and the dentist was able to fill the chipped piece in with an artificial plastic type filling, and smooth it, and I can no longer tell where she chipped her front tooth. Hope this helps!


They can bond it, in one visit.


They can give you completly new tooth if you like, I think they are made from porcelain. It will probablly cost a lot though because that kind of thing is done at a private dentist, but just ask about it next time you go.



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