Twilight confessions?

Twilight confessions?

Twilight confessions?


twilight freaks


GURL! you need help! I read Twilight...worst peiece of sh!t I've ever read!


Lmao it's funny I want a friend like alice and Jacob can go die LOL


I want my 5 seconds back.


I have to admit, I did smile at a few of those. And if I ever have the terrible idea to get dogs, I'm going to name them after the werewolves, because that is just too cute.




Ha ha...well don't we all have something to confess that's Twilight-related? My Confessions: #1.I cried when I read what Bella wrote to "her mom".How could that have happened...and in Twilight? #2.Since Twilight, I've considered every time spent in the bathroom a "human moment". #3.I threatened my friends into reading Twilight. #4.I started my own coven of vampires with my friends. #5.I compared every book to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. #6.I screamed, "Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner!' at every passing shiny volvo, and screamed, "Alice?!" at every yellow porsche #7.I'm afraid that my friend, James will throw me against a wall and bite me at any given moment I'm near him. #8.I screwed up most of my studies because I read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, or Midnight Sun (Partial Draft) when I should have been doing homework or studying! #9.I screamed at my New Moon book and slammed it against the floor when Edward left Bella.Then I picked it back up just to see if he came back yet. #10.I labeled all my friends as characters from the Twilight Saga. #11.I labeled all couples I know from couples in the Twilight Saga. #12.Every time I visit my friends dance studio, I have the feeling of it getting burned with James in there. #13.I yelled, "WTF JACOB?!" when he kissed her in Eclipse and screamed when Bella asked him to kiss her. #14.Ever since Twilight, I've been learning to cook for myself. #15.I've bitten a lot of people and then changed my eating habits to become a "vegetarian". #16.I screamed at my Twilighted-obsessed bestfriend when I found out when the Twilight DVD was going to be released. #17.I've listened to bands mostly from the Twilight Soundtrack #18.I go onto Twilight websites just to see updates on the New Moon movie. #19.I've done something Twilight-related everyday since I first read the Saga. #20.My plans for the summer are to stay inside, get paler and re-read the whole saga again.! #21.I want to visit Forks, Washington in the summer to look for the Cullens. #22.Whenever I visit a hospital, I go inside just to check if there's a "Dr. Carlisle Cullen" there. #23.My friends are getting annoyed at how I contantly talk about Twilight throughout the entire school day. #24.Everytime I hear the names of anyone in the Twilight Saga, i say, "WHAT?!WHERE?!...Oh Nevermind" #25.I've took nearly every test/quiz on Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and Twilight the Movie just to see if I got anything wrong. #26.I've quized all my friends and all my friends all quized me on the entire Twilight Saga, down to every detail #27.I've won several bets because of me answerinf all those questions. I''ve probably done/will do your confessions.I have a whole lot more...but I don't have two hours to spare... Peace.Love.Twilight.


LMAO. that's way too obsessive.


wahahah cool men... you now i think i also have confessions... 1) i think i have those confessions as well -P


My friend is like that. Its just creepy.



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