Two dentists-two differing opinions. What to do?

Two dentists-two differing opinions. What to do?

Two dentists-two differing opinions. What to do?


I would go with the cheaper option. I am sure they would not tell you they could fix it just for the sake of it.Dentistry is a huge monetary market. They can tell you whatever they want and take your money.Try out the cheaper option. Most probably will work fine.



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I hav 2 coldsores top n bottom ov my lip day after trip 2 dentist never had b4, was dentist instrument dirty?
Most likely what you have is not a cold sore, but a canker sore. Did you have a cleaning or did you get fillings? If the dentist is sterilizing his instruments (and he/she better be!), then it probably was not from a dirty instrument. Many things can cause canker sores....just the stress...

Private dentists in England...many of us are suspicious of them as they just want our money so is there a web?
Depends where you live, I know some very nice dentists in Cardiff, my dad has been going to them for about 20 years now and not one has "used" us, Newcastle too, My Godparents are dentists there. Most people aren't suspicious of them either, but to answer your question I don't think there is...

USA dentistry licence exameation?
I dont have all the details but i can tell you that it is known as national board dental exam and it is conducted by american dental need it for practicing dentistry and also to get into most of masters programme there... go on the net and search for American dental association...

Violated by my dentist please help?
Seek out a new dentist. You are their patient and it is there job to listen to you and make you a comfortable as possible not the other way around. There are many dnetist out there that are very good. Find one that does laser dentistry it is completly pain free and takes half the time.

Why are there soo many (muslim/sikh) asians doing medicine/dentistry/optometry at universities?
They intend backdoor immigration or Scam-Migration. Yes, that's visa fraud - grounds for visa denial or revocation, deportation with permanent bar to reentry. Huge numbers of frauds. Fortunately, jobs are scarce, and most never find work & have to go home whether they want to or not.