Ungrateful parents?

Ungrateful parents?

Ungrateful parents?


Move out and take your speakers with you. You seem to have some money, try getting emancipated.


Well, if you look at it the other way around, your parents fed you, clothed you, sheltered you, and educated you for well over fourteen years, assuming you are a teenager. But yes, it is a bit unfair if you used your own money for the stereo. The thing is, though, it seems to me like you're just complaining to strangers over the Internet. What do you want us to do? Couldn't you have just explained (rationally, mind you) to him why you'd like it in your room?


How old are you? Unless your 35 and living at home rent - free... then I think your parents are wrong for taking your stuff as their own


woah. that's really unfair. they have no right to do that to you. Taking your money from you to buy his own stuff?! thats crazy and should be illegal =P especially since you were a kid at that time. they still have the responsibility to care for you. if you used youre money its yours. sheesh.


I would tell him straight up: "Dad, I bought the speakers with my own hard earned money. I would like to have them set up in my room so I can use them, not in the basement where you can use them. You know I hardly ever hang out in the basement. What I'm going to do is remove the stereo and hook it up in my room, where I want it, because I paid for it. If you have a problem with that, then feel free to fully reimburse me for my expenses. I did not spend a lot of money on something that I could not use." If he won't let you take them, I would wait until he's out of the house to disconnect the system, and if I could I would bring them back to the store to return them or get another product that is not compatible for the TV equipment in the basement. Good luck!


Maybe your dad is hoping that by forcing the speakers in the basement you will be forced to spend time w/ your family instead of your room?? If you were calm & rational & spoke to him as an adult & not a ranting teen - he might listen & compromise.


Sit down and tell him that you appriciate him building the TV room, but you bought the speakers for YOU so you could listen to music in your room and even take the speakers to college with you. Tell him how much you spent on them too and how long you worked to get them. Let him know that this upsets. Be calm about it. If he still doesn't listen to reason, when he's out, take them back to the store like someone else suggested and use the money on something else. To be honest, you're going to be going into your senior year of high school. Now is the time to be saving up money for college, not spending it on electronics and stuff. You'll easily blow slkusractnot

Move out and take your speakers with you. You seem to have some money, try getting emancipated.

000 on textbooks alone your first year of school.


paranoid much? my gosh your dad's really overprotective...he probably thinks if that if he leaves you unwatched in your room that you'll do sumthing inapproipate (dont know how to spell that word..) you need to explain to your dad that you have your own job, your trying to be responsible by buying your own things instead of asking them to buy it and that your 17! you not a kid anymore...if this still doesn't get through to him then make a compromise..ask him if u can play the xbox in your room and you'll leave the door wide open so he wont be suspicious. If he doesn't agree to that then good luck kid...go to your mum and complain or something..but trying doing that


Wow tahts really messed up! find a time when your dad is calm and let him know how you feel. explain to him that you bought the speakers for yourself with your own money! if you have a mom with you talk to her about it! or a relative someone can help you reason with your dad!



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