University Dentistry?

University Dentistry?

University Dentistry?



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Can't find dentist to help a young man that has autism in this area?
Try the University of Kentucky dental school. Dental schools are often special-needs friendly. Good luck.

Trying to find a dentist?
Try looking at the listings on the Academy of General Dentistry's website That will lists dentists who have joined that professional organization. Also try looking to see if your state's health and human services department has a website that lists all...

Please help! I feel horrible all the time?
there is only one thing you need to focus on blow off your mom your siblings your moms boy friend the only thing you need to focus on is you be who you want to be the thing that helps me most in my problems is this simple thing, pick any where in the world you want to be/ live if it is your...

I have badly stained teeth from tetracycline and would like to have venners?
Just like Russia becoming famous for eye surgery and Thailand for artificial joint replacements, Vietnam is rapidly taking the stage for dental work, and indeed also cosmetic surgery. AS for dental work, there are a number of major foreign owned hospitals that specifically cater fro certain...

Smile makeovers?
Unfortunately, Care Credit (and Dental Fee Plan) are credit finance companies and will look at credit ratings and ability to repay the loan. A person on disability may not qualify. For the exact same reasons, dentists are unlikely to extend credit to a poor risk. You would be asking a small...