University Dentistry?

University Dentistry?

University Dentistry?



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Where can i find a dentist office that accept share of cost medicaid in miami/?
Most states dont cover adults for any dental services. If your state does but you have Medicaid with a Share of Cost, you have to spend that out of your own pocket first before Medicaid will cover the rest of the cost.

Can HIV/Hepatitis B or C spread through dentists equipment...?
For suctioning the saliva dentist usually used disposable suction tube.For the equipment they have to sterilized it very well otherwise as you have said you will get infection thru unsterilized instrument if that instrument used by the infected person. Better you will look for a dentist which...

Can I get a refund from a dentist?
That's tough. You definitely have a right to one, but actually getting it, of course, is a whole different story. Maybe call and ask to speak with that same manager about it? Or better yet- go in... they don't want any other customers hearing that! Litigation with dentists is horrible and seems...

What do you buy a male dentist/dental student as a gift for graduation?
I think that since he is going into a professional field, a nice pair of cufflinks would be an appropriate and welcome gift. These are by artist Cynthia Gale and are made of sterling silver: A picture frame might be nice: http://www.jewishgiftplace...

College of dentist in chicago?