URGENT - Horse dentist (to come to Dunstable MA)?

URGENT - Horse dentist (to come to Dunstable MA)?

URGENT - Horse dentist (to come to Dunstable MA)?


What's wrong with using a VET? You can use Google to find another dentist in your area or a vet who will come out and do the teeth. Or You can speak with the barn owner or other boarders and find out what other dentist or vet in the area will come out to do the mare. Or you can ask someone to take your mare to a vet or dentist's clinic...


Unless the horse has something that is major serious, the vet could do it for you and for much less. It would even be less if you could take the horse to the vet. I was looking at a beautiful 3 mo colt to buy, he only had one testicle down. I called to check on prices. $60 for office call. $400 to $500 to geld him when he is older.


I don't be see what the other people in your area use


Horse dentist? Really?



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