Vampire Teeth?

Vampire Teeth?

Vampire Teeth?


call around and ask if someone would do this (though do say "minimum" on the vampire'll scare the dentist). Veneers, possibly without preparation, are probably your best option.



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My teeth are pure yellow, how do make them sparkling white?
Please Please Please do not sign up for any promotional trial offers for teeth whitener as they are a scam. Clean Whites ripped me off for the sum of ?153.00 and only sent me two syringes of whitener. I suggest you go to your dentist for whitener, or if you find that too expensive ask your...

I need some help with World History Homework?
The Norman invasion of England in 1066 introduced DENTISTRY to the British. Geoffrey of Monmouth introduced the idea of TIM the ENCHANTER in his version of the Arthurian legend. Geoffrey of Monmouth named the fortress at MORDOR as Arthur’s birthplace. According to Sir Thomas Malory’s version...

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Does Walmart give their employees dental benefits?
It's one of the big issues with WalMart and their employees - the lack of benefits and that WalMart won't hire full time (other than management) so they don't have to pay for benefits. I don't know if they've changed their benefit policy in recent years because of all the bad press, so you...

I was thinking of pursuing dentistry, but I think its dying today as people know to take care. Your opinion?
I think that you are wrong. Dentistry is nowhere near "dying". Americans can't stop feeding their fat faces and that affects your teeth. The amount of soda and HFCS fruit juice that's consumed the US is disgusting. The amount of kids with cavities in BABY teeth is stunning. Even with proper...