Vampire Teeth?

Vampire Teeth?

Vampire Teeth?


call around and ask if someone would do this (though do say "minimum" on the vampire'll scare the dentist). Veneers, possibly without preparation, are probably your best option.



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Does anyone know of a really good dentist in kitchener-waterloo?
I go to Dr. Daviekis on Bridgeport Road East in Waterloo. He is really good, explains what he is doing and is accepting new patients! There are other dentists in the same building. I have heard from friends that they are also really good too.

To become a dentist... FSU or UF?
There are 57 accredited dental schools in the U.S., including 2 schools in Florida: University of Florida and Nova Southeastern University

Sensitive teeth, dentist no help?
If you have enamel that has been thinned or worn away due to acid erosion then fluoride is the best way to solve the sensitivity problem because fluoride is a natural desensitizer. If the toothpaste does not work then have your dentist give you a prescription for a fluoride rinse. If neither...

I need to find a FREE dentist in chicago,il.FAST!?
Contact your local or state dental association and and see if there are any dentists who provide free or reduced cost care for low-income, disabled or senior patients. Call your local health department and ask about health centers that provide dental care for free or on a sliding scale. Go...

Where can I have a tooth extracted for free> I have no dental insurance and no money to pay a dentist?
Try the dental schools. They give discounts, but you will have a rookie dentist. Or try the hospitals?