Washington state university?

Washington state university?

Washington state university?



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What are the requirements to go into university of toronto (dentistry)?
Dentistry is a graduate program. You need to get a Bachelor's degree first before you can get into dentistry. Right now, you're in grade 10. Grade 10 marks don-t matter. Canadian universities only care about grade 12 marks. You are doing very well and I suggest you keep up the good work. 2nd...

Is lumineers dentistry available in lebanon?
M U is right there are many clinics that offer Lumineers dentistry in Lebanon. But me i would go for Smile Center Clinics because i have seen their work on Future Tv show Beauty Clinic..

Should I be a dentist or a lawyer?
Be a shrink because we always need them and there are a lot of dentists out there already.

Do you Americans think us British have scuzzy teeth?
That's the stereotype. It doesn't help when, on the cover of a major magazine about a year ago, there was a photo of a Lady Something-or-Other with teeth that were, I swear to God....dark brown. This magazine was sitting in a Barnes and Noble and there were about 6 or 7 people standing around...