What are good schools for complete dentistry? (8 yr total)?

What are good schools for complete dentistry? (8 yr total)?

What are good schools for complete dentistry? (8 yr total)?


In Michigan you have the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor School of Dentistry, which one of the top schools in the country, you summers off and less loans and its a public university. Or the University of Detroit Mercy which is also a fantastic privates Jesuit university, but you don't get summers off and you may have more loans. But I have friends at both and they say their wonderful schools and competitive to get into.



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Whats the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?
General dentists perform general dentistry, but some like to 'spread their wings' and do some specialty treatments, like surgeries and orthodontic treatments... an orthodontist is a dentist who 'went the extra mile' to perfect his ortho skills, and does nothing else... Yes, go to an orthodontist...

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Find a biological dentist that uses high quality materials and procedures, unlike the typical dentists that follow the "standard of care" established by the ADA (American dental association). The contolling powers that establish what dentists can say and not say have the power to revoke thier...

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here in Mexico, my aunt wanted to be a nurse but at the last time, she decided to be a dentist and she liked it very much. for being a dentist, my aunt was in a dentistry school for 6 years, i don't really know what happens in school but i think its only practicing, learning the medications...

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The best place to find a good dentist, is by asking the advice of people in your area. Ask people whose opinions you trust - and people who have nice teeth, and ask for a referral. You can find any old dentist anywhere - but it's best to get opinions from someone who has had work done by a...