What are good schools for complete dentistry? (8 yr total)?

What are good schools for complete dentistry? (8 yr total)?

What are good schools for complete dentistry? (8 yr total)?


In Michigan you have the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor School of Dentistry, which one of the top schools in the country, you summers off and less loans and its a public university. Or the University of Detroit Mercy which is also a fantastic privates Jesuit university, but you don't get summers off and you may have more loans. But I have friends at both and they say their wonderful schools and competitive to get into.



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I would have to disagree with my esteemed colleague, Daniel. When I first started practicing dentistry some 40 years ago, I was constructing 1-2 full dentures a week by myself. Last year our practice with 7 dentists, constructed a combined total of 11 complete dentures for the entire year...

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All foreign dentists, regardless of their professional backgrounds and experiences in their native countries, are required to study in an American university and pass the U.S. license exams in order to practice dentistry in the United States. There are American universities that have special...

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