What are some good jobs in south lake tahoe... im moving there....?

What are some good jobs in south lake tahoe... im moving there....?

What are some good jobs in south lake tahoe... im moving there....?


It seems to me that your best bet is tourism, and/or the casino hotel industry. I have spent a lot of time there and I cannot think of anything else, unless you find work in Reno, or Incline Village.



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I need a Dentist in around Northern Indiana with a sliding fee schedule.?
Go to yahoo and type in "www.ada.org dental programs list by state" and see what comes up. ada.org lists dental colleges/programs by state and then you can call one (they also give the phone number) and find out if they accept new patients. Also you can search for "health centers" in your state...

Can someone tutor dentrix software(private)?
Dentrix is a dental practice management software for dentist office. Okay I would really like to help but I've never used Dentrix before I just know what it is. Why don't you get help from the experts. Go to sites where many tutors hang out: http://www.tuitionplaza.com/tutoring/ Good luck...

How can I find out what dentists my insurance covers?
I have Anthem Blue Cross, and all their providers are listed in the book they gave you, and they are all on their web site - which should be on your card. You can also just call your (or any) dentist and ask. Good luck.

How much have you paid to have your wisdom teeth removed in North Texas?
I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 17 years old. At that time I was on my parent's insurance and it still cost them $850. I say at this time, $800 for you is no problem. I had my surgery done by a higher-end dentist in Fort Worth and it turned out great. You could shop around, but...

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I don't mind visiting the dentists who clean your teeth and such - brush, floss, soak your teeth in fluoride and such. It is also quite satisfying having the dude with the hook tool scratch off any tartar around your teeth. You can really feel the difference in the end- the area feels smooth...