What can I do to make my one year old daughters next dentist appointment?

What can I do to make my one year old daughters next dentist appointment?

What can I do to make my one year old daughters next dentist appointment?


first, try and make sure she's comfortable with brushing her teeth at home. if she isn't comfortable doing it at home with the people she knows and trusts, she isn't going to be comfortable anywhere else, especially not in a big room full of grown ups in a big chair! we're sung brushing songs with my son since he started brushing teeth and tried to make it fun but it still took him a while to even want to brush his teeth. he's just recently had his first successful dentist appointment. his first appointment was 6 months ago when he was 2 and he wouldn't open his mouth!! the dentist managed to get a small look at his teeth and she praised him to the heavens for it. last week was his second visit and i think he remembered he had been there before. he was a little unwilling but he opened his mouth wide so the dentist could have a look. he was so proud afterwards!! there are lots of videos of children going to the dentist for the first time on youtube. we found a really good one that my son watched a few times before his visit. i can't find it now but search for it on youtube and loads of them will come up. we also got a couple of books about going to the dentist from the library. all of this just made sure that our son knew what happens at a dentists. it didn't help much the first time but the second time was definitely much better. he also got a big reward afterwards in the form of stickers and a kinder egg (i didnt know about the egg until later!!!). best of luck!


Is she having problems with her teeth? I can't imagine taking a 17 month old to the dentist. Most kids start seeing one when they are 3 years old. My daughter has always been seen by the dentist without me in the room. A child is usually better behaved for others then they are for their own parents.


Unless her teeth need to be checked due to cavities or rot, I'd suggest waiting until she's old enough to fully understand and take basic orders like 3 or 4 years olds can. I wanted to take my daughter in at 2, but all the dentist in my area told me to wait until she was 3 because not only will she be able to know what to expect but have all her teeth in by then too. I'm glad I waited, I just took my daughter a couple of weeks ago to her first appointment but I've been prepping her for weeks before she turned 3. We would play dentist every morning and night when it was time to brush her teeth. It also helps to let her watch shows that involve going to the dentist. My daughter loves Caillou and there was an episode where he had to go to the dentist so I watched it with her and told her how cool it was he was going to the dentist. Prepare her for everything, like it still may not be that much fun while they poke at her teeth especially when they clean them but in the end they get a treat. My daughter did great for the cleaning and initial check by the hygienist, but by the time the dentist came in she had enough so we called it quits the hygienist said her teeth looked fine anyway. Call around different dental offices too, look for one that' family oriented and specializes in young children/toddlers. That way it can be even more relaxing for her. Our dentist had toys in the waiting room and they put on cartoons for her in the room during cleaning. She also got to pick out a treasure from a chest at the end. And of course when we left I took her to the dollar store to pick something special from me for doing a great job.


I agree with the above post. My friend decided not to take her daughter (who was 16 months at the time) to the dentist until she was a little older (around 3) because everyone she talked to said that unless there were obvious problems (which everyone said there wasn't because her teeth looked fine) with her teeth, there was no real reason to take her so early on. She waited, and her daughter ended up having to have dental work that could have been avoided if she had went earlier. I know in most cases, kids teeth are usually fine, but I just like knowing that from a dentist, to be safe. I am getting ready to take my daughter to the dentist in about a month or so (she will be around 17 months then). I asked our pediatric dentist if I should wait, she said that I should bring her in for an initial visit (just to check everything) and then if there are no problems, she won't ask to see her again until she is around 3 (unless problems develop before then). I would try to read books to her about the dentist...I saw a really neat book for toddlers about their first Dentist trip...so I plan on doing that. I brush our daughters teeth twice a day, everyday (sometimes more, every time we go into the bathroom she wants to brush them, which is a plus..lol). Since she has a cavity, I would not wait....its important that she gets the dental care she needs so that you can possibly prevent further damage. You could even make a dental appointment for yourself and let her come along with you...seeing you sit there may make her curious, and it will also ensure her that there is nothing to be scared of. I hope this helps. Good luck to you.


My son had his first dentist appt just after his first birthday. And he has seen his dentist every 6 months since then (he will be 3 in less than a month). I don't have any horror stories for you. My son's dentist is a pediatric dentist and is GREAT!!! We always talk about going to see the dentist starting the evening before his appt. I tell him that he will need to open his mouth so the dentist can look at his teeth. We haven't had ANY problems with the dentist. Is your daughter's dentist a pediatric one? I would recommend a pediatric dentist if you can, but I know talking about it with my son ahead of time works really well at preparing him for the visit. We talk about it the night before, the morning of & then in the car when we are on our way. BTW...I would NOT recommend waiting until she is older to take her back. I have a friend who waited until her daughter was a little older to take her to the dentist and she ended up having major dental surgery at age 3 1/2 because of some problems that could've been recognized and treated had she seen a dentist earlier!!!


Wait! Don't take her back this can cause terrible trauma to her. Wait till she is 3 or 4 then try usually children respond better at that age. IF not try a different dentist.



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