What do I have to do to get into Medical School? Dentist?

What do I have to do to get into Medical School? Dentist?

What do I have to do to get into Medical School? Dentist?


If your still in school....your counselor would be the best avenue of advice. If all else fails....seek out a practicing dentist and schedule a time you can talk to them about their schooling and education. You might find they can give you valuable advice about getting into that field. However, check with your student adviser or counselor first.



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Call Aetna. Your insurance card should have a toll-free customer service number. Usually the insurance company can pull up DMO providers by searching zip codes for your area.

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i think what the best thing to do is call dentists around and ask if they do and get suggestions on who does and you should be able to find someone and maybe try google if it comes down to it. but really what you could do is call the insurance carrier, (the ones you got the card from) and...