What whitening strips do you recommend?

What whitening strips do you recommend?

What whitening strips do you recommend?


I haven't used anything like strips but do use that beverley hills formula toothpaste, it's the best!


Easy way from not going to the dentist, i suggest Opalescence Tooth White. It's whitening gel. However, products such as toothpaste and others which states to help whitening your teeth doesn't seem to help much. Human's teeth have 8 level. If you go to the dentist for whitening treatment, they could help to whiten your teeth to the 6th or 7th level or even 8th depending on your teeth's current condition. But if you use product, it could only upgrade 4 levels for you. Which means, if your teeth is at level 2, going for a treatment helps to levelup to 6 or 7. where as products helps to upgrade to 4 or 5. And of course, level 8 is not as white as your correction pen( liquid paper) =)


http://cgi.ebay.com/CREST-WHITESTRIPS-SU... this is the best, you can buy it on line or at your dentist office very very good, you will see a cahnge in one week..


If you want a surefire formula, you can try searching through http://www.maximumteethwhitening.com/art... . They have choices, each explained so that you can choose which ones would best suit you.


I would recommend whitening gel instead of strips. I've tried Crest whitening strips, and I hated them. They slipped all around on my teeth and tasted horrible. Go to your local drugstore and look for whitening gel (I just buy the generic brand, such as Walgreens...it gives me the same results!). I have a clear plastic retainer, and put on the gel before I put my retainer on, then sleep with the gel on my teeth. I see results in just three days. Good luck!



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