What do you do if a big filling falls out of your tooth,have to wait 24 hrs to get to dentist?

What do you do if a big filling falls out of your tooth,have to wait 24 hrs to get to dentist?

What do you do if a big filling falls out of your tooth,have to wait 24 hrs to get to dentist?


Go to the pharmacy and see if you can get this putty stuff, meant for exactly this purpose, you plug your tooth with it and it stays in place until the dentist removes it...also...I don't know your circumstances but you might want to call another dentist and see if you can get in faster. My dentist responds to emergencies better than that. For pain in the meantime, take ibuprofen and do warm water rinses to keep stuff flushed from the hole. You can also use Anbesol or Oragel topical gel anesthetic. And watch what you eat. Chew on the other side, or just avoid all the chewy, meaty or other foods that get stringy in your teeth, crunchy, too hot, and too cold...basically just eat warmish mashed potatoes and drink warm water.


Make sure you keep it clean, and use mouth wash at least twice in that 24 horus. Mind what you eat. Not too much sugar, nothing sticky, and avoid chewing on that side of your mouth. Some stores/pharmacy's sell DIY filling kits. As far as pain, OTC things are probably not going to do much, but Tylenol, or Advil should work.


Pharmacies sell emergency filling kits that are good for a week or so, get yourself to your local pharmacy until the dental appointment!....


Like the others have mentioned, there are filling kits at drug stores that can help until you get to your dentist. But, you can also pack the hole with dental wax too. Not wax from candles, as most of those have dyes and perfumes in them and that's the last thing you want in your tooth. The dental wax is sold where the other oral hygiene products are.


you can use sugar free chewing gum to plug it like play doh


Take a couple of painkillers every 4 hours or as directed on the pack and try not to open your mouth too much as cold air rushing into your mouth will increase the pain. I see you are a lady - this bit may be difficult!!!! :) If you have some clove oil this is supposed to deaden the pain although I have never tried it. Don't eat anything that is very hot or very cold and try not to chew on the bad tooth. Try to distract yourself by reading or watching T.V. as this can be really helpful. Just think, having this 24 hours of pain will get you in great practice for having a baby later on!



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