What do you think of faith based churches that pray over sick children and watch them die?

What do you think of faith based churches that pray over sick children and watch them die?

What do you think of faith based churches that pray over sick children and watch them die?


The results once again of Man Made teaching's and claiming they were guided by the Holy spirit.


Two words: Negligent homicide.


God helps those who take initiative to help others in need. PRAYER ALONE DOESN'T WORK ALL THE TIME. This is what I tell myself and other chrisitians, as humans we must take our knowledge and use the best of it in times of need.


I think it is ridiculous...satan has people so blinded he is using Gods word to kill ,steal and destroy just as he did in the garden...This is why the scriptures tell us Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15) This children should have seen a physician plain and simple!!!


yep.... they should be tried as murderers..... they have an obligation to ensure their childrens health.. and praying dont cut it..... lethal injection for them!


12-15 Years? I only wish Hell existed


Faith is a great thing to have. I believe you should take every action to save a person's life on top of praying to God. If they would have asked God for guidance he would have told them the proper thing to do. If it was God's will for them to go at that appointed time then so be it.


NO!! IT should be for life!! Not only did they kill their children by neglect but they ensured there last months weeks and days were torture!! As the judge pointed out when he found the last parents to do this guilty of murder - god can work through doctors!!


prayer does healing... some will be heal some not ex: u sick ur love ones really suffering in s hops do u want her 2 stay alive n suffer or let her die peaceful n meet jesus in heaven? god knw who shld die n who shld not our live r not in our hands, all in god hand he knw wat best for us



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